Stay little.

There are many things on my mind today. For one, why do kids need to grow up? And so fast too! If they could only stay cuddly little balls of chubbyness... Kids are smart, too! I remember learning in one of my general psychology classes that children by the age of 2 have brand association. They know McDonald's from Burger King, Wal Mart from Target, Kids Gap from Children's Place. They don't just know the brand, they have a specific one they prefer. Not only does my 2 year old have this "brand" association (McDonald's Apple Juice and Fries) but he has "band" association as well. I never knew he was paying that much attention to our music choices, but he always danced and stuff. Well, now he asks specifically for "asia song" (United States of Eurasia by Muse) or "hospital song" (Hospital Beds by Cold War Kids) and others. He even sings along to most everything we play on our radio. It's amazing! If he hears snare drums he makes the sound with his mouth on the correct beat at the correct moment the snare drum sounds. Incredible! How did this happen to my baby? Now I have a three month old that, in a blink of an eye, will be doing the same thing! It's like kids go from "WAAAAAH!" to "Play asia song and have apple juice mcdonalds mommy?" You might not feel the same way. I'm sure you're sitting there going, "I can't wait for them to move out and be in college already" but I honestly don't want these young years to end! I'm sure I'll eat my words when my newborn is about 12 months old crying, runny nose, sick, running into walls learning to walk etc. But, until then...STAY LITTLE!

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  1. I really loved it when I was so smart and cleaver. When I could do anything, even be funny.
    When I was such a good cook I had requests for dinner. When there was an owie and they would come to me for a hug. When it was cool to wear homemade pajamas. When my advice made sence and was appreciated. When they loved watching movies with me. When they let me smooch them unceasingly and loved it. It is not the case when they get big.