Time for a change. Change - This word scares a lot of people when it's referred to anything other than what the teller is handing you after a monetary exchange. I find that most people are afraid of things they don't understand, and when things start to change there is little knowing/understanding what may come of that change. My life is changing again, but I am not scared. Having been through many changes before I feel more prepared and at peace. Change almost crippled me in the past, but now that I have an understanding of what to expect, I look forward to change. It's a word that means progression, transformation, and causing a difference. Making positive leaps forward and creating a difference is nothing to be scared of. So, bring it on, Change!

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  1. Your grandma Cook never did deal with change very well. She didn't like all the job changes that your dad had, moving to New York, or anything new and different. She still lives in the same house I grew up in and had the same job for 23 years. You are raising your family in a different time when you need to be ready for change at any given day. I think it is good for us and is preparing us for some great changes in the world, the church, government etc. We will need to be well seasoned and prepared for what lies ahead. I know you will and so will your little family. You are a wonderful mother and will be honored by your children all of your life. Change is good.